Our Editorial & Business Policies

Top10Vegas.com is an online magazine produced by Novada Media, LLC.

The content on Top10Vegas.com is written by our editors and freelance writers and is purely editorial. There is no branded or sponsored content on Top10Vegas.com. We often assign freelance writers to cover topics based on their experience and suitability with the subject matter. When we do, we only use freelance writers that have experience in print or web based media and have lived in the Las Vegas area. Our editors have the final say over all content.

We do not accept money or gifts in exchange for coverage, favorable or otherwise. Top10Vegas.com does not prohibit its editors or freelance writers from attending media/press events, or accepting standard media invitations from companies operating in the Las Vegas area to visit their establishments as guests. This, in no way, impacts our decision about coverage. Bottom line: we only write about what like.

Top10Vegas.com does use advertisements and affiliate links to generate income. We are affiliates of several major hotel companies and earn commission when visitors book hotel rooms or show tickets using these links. These links are located on individual pages dedicated to each hotel that we have an affiliate relationship with. We do not put affiliate links inside top ten lists, reviews, or opinion pieces.