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Top 10 Pizza in Las Vegas

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The Best Pizza to Fill Your Pie Hole With!

Whether hungover or simply hungry, pizza can always be consumed. Thankfully, Vegas has absolutely no shortage of places where the pies take center stage. From Downtown to The Strip to the ‘burbs, this American staple is alive and well, and living in all corners of Sin City.

Today, we’re bringing you our favorite picks of where you can get the cheesy, the flaky and just the damn best in town.


Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock Oven

Also considered one of the best spots downtown for dining, Pizza Rock is basically the creme de la creme of pizzerias. Why, you ask? Simple. Because the world says so. Well, maybe not the world, but the authorities on pizza (yes, there is such a thing). Helmed by Tony Gemignani, this pizza-maker has won heaps of awards for his crusty creations, including winning the Gold Cup Pizza Championships for his Sicilian-style Burratina Di Margherita; the World Pizza Cup for his Napoletana-style Margherita; and the Gold Medal in the Food Network Pizza Championships Challenge. Basically, this dude has won 11 World Pizza Championships, so if you don’t eat here, you will never know what the “world’s best pizza” tastes like. For more info, read about one of our visits or visit them online at pizzarocklasvegas.com. 201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, (702) 385-0838

The Strip

Five50 is an East Coast-style (is there such a thing?) restaurant inside the upscale ARIA resort. The pie here isn’t like any other in town, thanks to the mingling of different styles of pizza. The pies are Neopolitan or Vera and baked at 550 degrees using two yeasts for the crust. Here, you can get creative, too, crafting your very own Vegas pizza. Or, you can order one of the specialty pizzas, like the North Beach which is topped with clams, smoked mozzarella and sweet onions. Got the late night munchies? Head to their slice counter which is open until 2am. 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, (877) 230-2742 aria.com

Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan

Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan

OK, so it isn’t really a secret at all. Housed down a little corridor lined with old album covers, Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan has drawn the crowds due in large part to its “secret” status. Who doesn’t want to eat pizza at a place that has been mentioned by the media all over the US. Housed on the second floor, this tiny spot serves up New York style pizza. It’s good. But even better, its cheap. And perfect for a night after clubbing it down at Marquee or swilling cocktails at the Chandelier Bar. 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 698-7860 yelp.com

Pin Up Pizza
Enter a world where pin up servers inspired by the likes of Bettie Page merge with pizza. Yes, pin up servers and pizza. This new joint, located on the Strip in front of Planet Hollywood, blends rockabilly hot with the classic pie. Serving up what the restaurant has claimed to be “the largest slice of pie on The Strip,” measuring in at a whopping 15″ per slice, the pizza boasts ingredients flown in from Italy, like the dough, plus cheese sourced from New York and beyond. Pin Up is perfect for those on the go and on a budget, filling people up for around $5-$6 a slice. Don’t miss the garlic knots. 3667 Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 785-5888 yelp.com

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Grimaldi’s offers coal brick-oven pizza at five locations in Vegas, two of which are located on the Strip. One at the Fashion Show Mall and another at Palazzo. The back-story here is that Grimaldi’s has more than a century in the pizza business, and it shows. Crusts here are baked perfectly, and they use fresh ingredients to craft that flavorful sauce, as well as handmade mozzarella. While it doesn’t recreate memories of dining al fresco in Italy, it certainly stands on its own. Various locations including: Fashion Show Mall (702) 778-8777 & Palazzo (702) 754-3450 grimaldispizzeria.com

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

800 Degrees Pizza

One of the newer kids to join the pizza block, 800 Degrees is located Strip-side at the new Monte Carlo Plaza/Boulevard. With a heaping selection of toppings you can cherry-pick to create your own deliciousness. The focus in on fresh ingredients and Neapolitan style pizza. Think tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese with a tender charred crust and soft/wet center. First, select your base pizza — margherita, bianca, marinara and verde — and then add on your own personal style from selections like soppressata, rock shrimp, capers, jalapeños and more or pick one of the specialty pies like Tartufo with truffle cheese. Originally a California pizza eatery, this marks the expansion of the popular brand to Vegas. 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South, 702-730-6800 800degreespizza.com

Project Pie
Living in the underbelly of MGM Grand, Project Pie doesn’t have much atmosphere, but it does have some damn good pizza. The restaurant says it makes artisan pies created by you, but in case you aren’t feeling creative, it’s also got a selection of pizza to choose from. Created by James Markham, this shop is all about quality and letting guests make their own pizza experience. An assembly line greets guests as they select the dough, then decide which sauce and cheese to put on, and then the toppings. And there are plenty of toppings to choose from to craft that perfect taste. After that, its cooked on a stone heart for two minutes and then, BAM. Pizza for your face. 3799 South Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 463-6200 projectpie.com

The ‘Burbs

Settebello Pizza
Settebello’s most recent claim to fame is the bevy of pies President Obama ordered back in 2012 for campaign workers. But, that’s not why this one is on our list. Settebello makes it on here because the source all of their ingredients from the mother country, Italy. The Napoletana pizza is thin and bubbly and topped with some of the best imports money can buy. Recently, the shop opened up another outlet in town, too, so now the pies are spreading throughout The Valley. 140 S Green Valley Pkwy, (702) 222-3556 & 9350 W. Sahara Ave, (702) 901-4877 settebello.net

Naked City Pizza Shop
Naked City Pizza is a locals spot. Its lacking charm. Its lacking the best service in the world. Hell, its a tiny, dimly lit sports bar that gets loud when there are games on. But the pizza? Ohhh, the pizza. There’s a reason why this little shop has been featured on The Food Network. It is that good. Coming in three sizes (wee, ¼ sheet and ½ sheet), even a small is too much for one person. Fortunately, you can also get it by the slice. But, its such pizza perfection, why only have one slice? There is a wide variety of specialty pies like a bacon and eggs and more, so you can mix it up with other diners you go with. And, while you’re there, try the Suicide Fries. Topped with peppers of all kinds and covered in the signature “suicide sauce,” this side or appetizer or main course (we’re still not sure) is spicy perfection. 3240 Arville St, (702) 243-6277 nakedcitylv.com

Metro Pizza
A long-time staple of Vegas, Metro Pizza is an all-American eatery that serves up a popular pie. There’s nothing super special about the restaurant, but the pizzas are seriously good. Hailing from New York in the 1900s, the recipes here call for freshly made, hand-stretched wheat crust and vine-ripened tomato sauce all cooked on a hearth oven. Get a side of garlic knots to top off your Metro Pizza experience. Numerous locations throughout The Valley. metropizza.com

Did we miss your favorite pizza joint? Let us know by joining in the discussion below.

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