Mitchell Wilburn

Top Ten Cocktail Bars

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Our picks for the 10 Best Cocktail Bars in Las Vegas

The mastery of mixology is strong in Sin City, and some of the biggest superstars of cocktails call it home. The business of liquor is such a grand industry, that we have become the spotlight in recent years on the subject of fancy mixed drinks.

6. Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors

The shining jewel that made Downtown bar hopping great again, Atomic Liquor can satisfy any patron in some form or another. Their cocktail list is supreme, their beer list is just about the best in the city, and the atmosphere oozes a combination of old-school Vegas charm and new-school Downtown fun.

917 Fremont St (702) 982-3000

7. Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown Cocktail Room

One of the first spots to really engage a good cocktail program Downtown, they can be credited with a good bit of the revitalization of the area. They became a destination for their wild, creative list, drawing people from around the valley to see the labor-intensive and flavorful drinks. A very “Vegas” experience without the downsides of being in a nightclub.

111 S Las Vegas Blvd (702) 880-3696

8. Carnevino

Perhaps the only bar in Vegas that has combined an extraordinary level of consummate professionalism and passion for experimentation. The people behind the bar are the best at what they do, chiefly because they have never given up on improving their game or learning new parts of their craft. The sheer fact that one of the best bars in Vegas happens to be connected to the best steakhouse in the country is merely a bonus!

3325 S Las Vegas Blvd (702) 789-4141

9. Delmonico

Known for the most comprehensive whisky list on the whole strip, the bar at Delmonico is a product of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant group and their ability to find massive talent. The current head, Juyong Kang, has been a fixture and recurring face for many of the best drinks in vegas, and she has certainly dove headlong into this spot, pioneering techniques and philosophies drawn from a strong education in the national drinks scene.

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd (702) 414-3737

10. The Sand Dollar

A product of a massive turnaround from a change in management, the Sand Dollar is a uniquely “Vegas” story. There’s something special about a city where an off-strip office-park bar can suddenly switch gears, hire some superstar staff, and implement a cocktail program that elevates them out of the surrounding muck. Jon Taffer can take a note, this is how you turn a bar around!

3355 Spring Mountain Rd (702) 485-5401

Editor’s Bonus Pick: The Chandelier Bar

Chandelier Bar 2nd Floor

The Cosmopolitan features four great lounges. The Vesper Bar, Bond, and CliQue are all great places to enjoy a drink with your friends, but if we had to pick one place to kick back and enjoy a couple of cocktails then the Chandelier Bar would be our choice. This Strip hot-spot features 3 levels of gorgeous lounge space, our favorite being the cozy “Inside the Chandelier” section, on the 2nd level. It’s one of the premier lounges on the Strip, so drinks are not cheap, but if you are looking for a great bar in the heart of the Strip, the Chandelier is hard to beat.

3708 Las Vegas Blvd., (702) 698-7000

Did we miss your favorite cocktail spot? Join the discussion and let us know the best place to find a great cocktail in Las Vegas.

  1. Adam Carroll April 5, 2016 at 3:53 am

    Aww Mitchell, I’m a little hurt you don’t have Oak & Ivy on your list. Well then again I haven’t really seen you come in and check us out. We do have the Best Mule Program in the city and that’s not even scratching 1/3 of what we can create.

  2. Wendy September 4, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    And you have 2 properties from Palazzo but didn’t visit the well hidden jem…Fusion Mixology Bar. Hand crafted on the fly cocktails with fresh ingredients. Not only are the classics made well, you can get a drink made specifically to your mood or flavor specifications. All you have to do is ask the bartender and they will experiment for you and you will leave satisfied.

  3. John Curtas September 5, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    I agree with the list and I agree that Oak & Ivy should be on the list.

    John Curtas


  4. Valerie Brockbank September 5, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    I’m a negroni fan, I travel the world drinking negronis. That bar at cirque in the bellagio makes the best one so far. I have coped their ingredients and methods for my home bar.


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