Carson Kitchen

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Carson Kitchen

Carson Kitchen Main Dining Area

Founded by “Rock n’ Roll Chef” Kerry Simon and Cory Harwell in 2014, Carson Kitchen was one of the first restaurants to start the downtown dining scene revival. Kerry Simon sadly passed away in 2015, but this gem of a restaurant helps keep his memory alive with it’s creative takes on modern comfort food all while enjoying an urban-neighborhood atmosphere. The menu is kept fresh with quarterly updates and features tapas-style social plates, sandwiches, meat, fish, and an extensive selection of vegetarian options. There is also a rooftop patio with full bar, perfect for enjoying one of the restaurants many creative cocktails on a warm summer evening.

Broccoli Crunch

Broccoli Crunch at Carson Kitchen

Secret Sunday Chicken

Secret Sunday Chicken Sandwich at Carson Kitchen

Carson Kitchen, 124 S. 6th St., Suite 100 (Corner of Carson Ave & 6th.) (702) 473-9523

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