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Top 10 Dining Deals in Las Vegas

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Our picks for the best dining deals in town.

Cheap eats are an endangered species, especially on The Strip. But, there are still deals to be found if you know where to look.

Hard Rock Hotel – $7.77 Steak and Shrimp at Mr. Lucky’s.
Mr Lucky's at The Hard Rock HotelThis special is available all day and night and isn’t advertised. This special isn’t even on the menu so you’ll have to ask your waiter or waitress about it. This is probably the most famous dining special because you get steak, three grilled shrimp, a choice of potato or broccoli and a salad. You’ll need a players club card otherwise the meal is $9.99.

Cosmopolitan – $22.14 lunch special at Estiatorio Milo’s
This lunch special is only a few years old but it is quickly becoming one of the most famous dining specials in Las Vegas. Dinner at Milo’s will generally cost $100 per person so you can understand the excitement over a full meal for less than $25. The lunch special runs from noon to 2:30 pm and you can choose from different appetizers and entrées. A meal you can put together can include a greek salad, traditional lamb chop and greek yogurt for dessert.

Ellis Island – $7.99 Steak dinner with beer.
The Ellis Island steak dinner includes a 10-ounce filet-cut sirloin, salad, garlic green beans and choice of potato. Ellis Island is also a brewery and you have the choice of freshly brewed beer or root beer. You’ll have to play $1 in any slot machine to get a voucher for the $7.99 price otherwise it’s $9.99.

Mandalay Bay – Charlie Palmer’s $48 Cut of the Week.
Charlie Palmers is the kind of steakhouse where you can expect to easily spend $100 per person for dinner and drinks. Generally your steak will cost you the price of this three-course meal. The Cut of the Week prix fixe menu includes salad, two family style sides, the steak of the week and dessert. Wait, there’s more – unlimited wine is included for each course, even dessert if you need/want.

Herbs & Rye – Half Price Steak Happy Hour.
You’ll have to travel a few minutes off the Vegas Strip to get to Herbs & Rye but you’ll find one of the best steak deals anywhere in Las Vegas. Half price steak here will cost anywhere from $13 for a flat iron steak to $17 for a filet mignon. Each steak comes with a side dish of your choice. Happy hour runs from 5pm to 8pm and midnight to 3am. This is a great way to begin or end the night.

Tacos El Gordo (Note: The Strip location has permanently closed)
Located on the Strip, just North of the Wynn, Tacos El Gordo offers small but tasty tacos for about $2 each. This place can get busy with long lines and different stations serve different foods, so if you are picky about what you want make sure to get in the right line.

Silver Sevens (Formerly Terribles) – $2.99 Deuces Wild Breakfast.
The 99 cent breakfast special was a tradition among Vegas tourist throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Silver Sevens almost keeps this tradition alive with a $2.99 breakfast special. For $2.99 you get 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and 2 pieces of bacon. A coffee will cost you an extra $1.99, but but you’ll still have a complete breakfast for around $5.

El Cortez – $5 Burger and Beer.
The El Cortez is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas and even though it was renovated a few years ago there is nothing fancy at El Cortez. This beer and burger special is no different. A Pabst Blue Ribbon or Budweiser will cost $3 at the cafe so you’re essentially getting the burger for $2. There is nothing gourmet about this meal but it’s a great deal and always available.

McCormick & Schmick’s – Happy Hour.
Happy hour is always a good way to enjoy bargain bites of high quality food. The happy hour at McCormick & Schmick’s (Mon-Fri only) is one of the more famous and features some great deals like the McCormick’s Cheese Burger for $3.99. A beverage purchase of $3.25 per person is required so take your pick from $3.75 domestic drafts or $6 cocktails.

Golden Gate Casino – DuPar’s $2.99 Shrimp cocktail.
This shrimp cocktail is…wait for it…legen…dary! The shrimp cocktail at DuPar’s was just .99 cents until a few years ago but is now $2.99. This isn’t just a few little shrimp dropped on a plate with jarred cocktail sauce. These are meaty shrimp served with a handmade cocktail sauce. This is not an appetizer like many shrimp cocktail but enough to fill you as much as a full meal. If you’re allergic to seafood DuPar’s is a bakery and known for their pancakes. A short stack is good any time of the day and costs less than $5.

Editors Bonus Picks:

Secret Pizza – The Cosmopolitan
Every bodies favorite not-so-secret pizza spot is a great place to grab a quick bite. Last time I checked, a slice was $5.50. Not the greatest deal in the world, but not bad for Vegas. It’s a fun place to pop into and is a great option for food on the go when you are walking up and down the Vegas Strip.

Visit During Restaurant Week
Sometimes, timing is everything! Visit during restaurant week (March 7th-14th, 2014) and take advantage of incredible prix fixe deals at some of the best restaurants in the country! Prices vary and range from $20.14 for breakfast/lunch to $50.14 for 3 course dinners. The lineup of participating restaurants is always impressive. Check out for more details. Plus, it’s all for a good cause making it a win-win for everybody!

What did we miss? Join the discussion and let us know your favorite place to eat for cheap in Vegas.

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