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Top 10 Poker Rooms in Las Vegas

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Shuffle up and deal. It's time to swim with the sharks!

The Venetian
The Sands poker room at The Venetian is the largest (59 tables) and probably the most popular poker room in Las Vegas. Games range anywhere from local grinders to big money to random tourists. Most poker rooms cater to just one of these type of players. The recently renovated poker room at The Venetian is so large that it can handle more people and more types of games as well as large tournaments. The room could probably hold a few more tables but there’s more space between these tables than most other poker rooms in Las Vegas and that helps make it the most comfortable.

The poker room at The Bellagio may be the most famous poker room in Las Vegas – and with good reason. The Bellagio poker room is the favorite room to more famous professional poker players, like Doyle Brunson, than any other room. “Bobby’s Room” is a special part of the poker room reserved for the highest stakes poker games that you’ll see in public. In addition to the celebrity of the room there are 36 tables that are often filled with some of the best poker players in Las Vegas. You’ll find anyone from Joe Traveler to famous actors just looking to play a competitive game in a famous room.

Aria is one of the newest casinos on the Vegas Strip and is operated by MGM Resorts who also run Bellagio. When this 24 table poker room was opened the intent was for it to take the place of Bellagio as one of the top poker rooms in Las Vegas. They even emulated Bobby’s Room at Bellagio with Ivey’s Room (named after poker pro Phil Ivey) for high stakes games. Much like Bellagio you’ll find a mix of high rollers, Joe Traveler and actors here. You may even see some locals trying to pluck off tourists that are just looking to play poker in a famous room. Besides competitive games the staff at the Aria poker room is lauded by all kinds of players.

Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most luxurious casino/hotels in all of Las Vegas and their poker room resembles that. The poker room at Wynn may be the most beautifully decorated in Las Vegas. In addition the room is spacious and chairs are comfortable. While spacious, the room is sectioned off to make it feel cozy. Since Wynn caters to a high end casino customer you’ll find a more genteel vibe in the Wynn poker room than you will many others.

Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace’s poker room probably the most popular poker room with tourists. It makes sense since Caesars Palace is one of the most famous casino names in the world. It’s never a compliment when you hear a poker player described as a “tourist”. Tourists are just normal people that may or may not be skilled poker players. You’ll find a very busy poker room but you won’t find the most skilled players at Caesars Palace. In fact, you’ll often find more skilled poker players visiting Caesars Palace looking to pick off tourists emulating professionals that they see on TV. These games can get ugly but you’ll always find action in the Caesars Palace poker room.

The Mirage
Anyone that grew up in the 70’s or 80’s remembers The Mirage as one of the most posh casinos in Las Vegas. Those are the people that you’ll mostly find playing poker at The Mirage. The Mirage has been undergoing many renovations over the past few years and you’re beginning to see that reflected with some younger players in the poker room. The Mirage poker room was renovated a few years ago and is one of the more comfortable rooms in Las Vegas. There are less than 20 tables (19) in this poker room and there is almost always a waiting list to play. The poker room is located next to one of the most famous sports books in Las Vegas, which was also renovated recently.

Red Rock
One of the best off strip poker rooms is at Red Rock Resort. Most of the players here live in Las Vegas but you’ll also find celebrities and athletes playing here while they try to avoid the spotlight of the Vegas Strip. The room is enclosed from the smoke and noise in the rest of the casino and appears larger than 20 tables would lead you to believe. Those 20 tables are almost always busy and packed so tight that it’s sometimes difficult to make your way in and out of the room. The one complaint about this room is that since many of the players are from the area and know each other they may collude against non-locals.

Binion’s used to be the home to the World Series of Poker before it became the huge tournament it is today. The Hall of Fame Poker Room at Binion’s captures that history with many photos from past WSOP events. The poker room is split in two with half of the tables in a sunken area just off the casino floor. The other half of the tables are down a few stairs. This is where you’ll find most of the historic imagery. The Binion’s poker room is one of the best, if not the best, poker rooms in Downtown Vegas.

Treasure Island
The poker room at Treasure Island is one of the sneaky good poker rooms on the Vegas Strip. You’ll find mostly tourists in this small and comfortable seven table room. If you’re new to playing casino poker this is a great place to learn the game. This room doesn’t try to be more than it is and that’s reflected in the fun atmosphere everywhere from the dealers to the music. You may find experienced poker players stopping in just to take a break from the bigger rooms.

Monte Carlo
The poker room at Monte Carlo is enclosed on three sides and located next to the sports book. This room is a low key, but popular, place to play poker on the Vegas Strip. The room has only 8 tables that can be packed tightly on busy weekends. While some rooms are open to the casino and feel as if they’re just another section of the casino the poker room at Monte Carlo is slightly isolated. When playing here you feel as though you’re in a private room that could be for a poker player anywhere in the world.

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