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Checking In: Deluxe 2 Double Room at The LINQ Hotel

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The Linq Hotel is built using the bones of Imperial Palace and O’Sheas. Once know as The Quad, The Linq Hotel name matches the name of the shopping and dining promenade outside that’s simply known as The Linq. The promenade is also the gateway to the High Roller observation wheel you can see from just about anywhere in Las Vegas.

The Linq Hotel positions itself as a high-tech property for a younger connected traveler. Today’s younger travelers aren’t as concerned with the size of their hotel room as they are how connected the room is and how close they are to great experiences. Well, The Linq Hotel checks off both marks.

The small basic rooms were appropriate for the time when the Imperial Palace opened in 1959. Those small rooms start at just under 300 square feet. Each room has been renovated and moderately stylized for today’s connected visitor who needs ample charging outlets, high-speed wifi and an affordable place to rest their head.


LINQ Deluxe 2 Double Room

The Deluxe Double Room is approximately 300 square feet. I received an upgrade to a High Roller view. This room was a corner and a little larger than some of the other rooms. However, the extra space was left empty and fairly useless besides room for luggage and stretching out.

The pillow top beds were comfortable and unlike some Caesars hotels. The pillows were almost equally dense which, again, you don’t find in all Caesars hotels. Some other hotels (Paris, Rio) have an uncomfortable array of pillows that can make for a rough night.

The small end table in between the two beds had a phone and lamp with two outlets. There wasn’t room for much more than two devices and eyeglasses at the end of the night.

Word of caution if you decide to get a High Roller view room. The sun rises in the east and directly into your room if you have a head on view of the High Roller. The room heats up very quickly in the morning during the summer when sunrise is around 6 a.m. The change in temperature is enough that a light sleeper you may want a different view.

Intelligent Closet

LINQ Hotel Closet

Since the rooms are so small, The Linq has eschewed basic dressers and armoires for an intelligently designed closet. This large closet isn’t only a place to hang clothes. It’s also home to 2 dresser drawers, a mini refrigerator, a safe and a couple of shelves. The actual closet section is a little wider than a luggage rack. If you’re traveling with long dresses or suit jackets this space might be a little tight.

As you can see in the photo above, The Linq Hotel provides a couple bottles of water each day. This isn’t very costly for the hotel and it’s a nice touch for a budget hotel.

TV and Workspace


Each room comes with a 47” LED television which hangs on the wall. Well, it has to hang on the wall because there isn’t a desk or table in the room for the TV to sit on. The TV and lack of dresser or table is a great example of how The Linq Hotel maximizes space in the room.

There’s a small bump-out to use as a workspace near the first bed when you enter the room. The rooms don’t have a full-sized desk, dresser or table. Frankly, the small rail is sufficient for keys, wallet, mobile phones and most things you place on a table at the end of the night. The small workspace has ample room and outlets to charge multiple devices or to work if you need.

The intelligent closet design and the workspace + rail offer the illusion of space so that the rooms don’t feel small. Even though a younger traveler may not need a large room, they don’t necessarily want to feel confined when they’re in a room. Additionally, the typical Caesars Entertainment customer is an older customer who might be used to rooms with more space. The design plays nicely for both demographics.


Linq Hotel Bathroom

Much like the rest of the room at The Linq, the bathroom isn’t large but it’s well designed. The first thing you’ll notice is the lack of a swinging door. The sliding barnyard style door isn’t ideal for privacy but it does the trick. If you don’t want people to hear what’s happening in the bathroom, I suggest using the wifi to stream music or make sure the TV is on in the main room.

When you’re inside the bathroom you’ll notice that the hotel doesn’t provide moisturizer. This is a must with the dry air in Las Vegas. Housekeeping will bring some if you request it. The thing you won’t notice in the photo is that the toilet is about an inch or two higher than normal. You don’t find higher toilets in many Las Vegas hotels outside of The Venetian and The Palazzo. Tall people might love this but shorties might need the travel version of the squatty potty.


Linq Hotel Shower

The other thing you’ll notice in the bathroom is that there isn’t a bathtub. There’s an extremely large shower with a high rainshower shower head. The space in the shower is fantastic but the showerhead isn’t very powerful. The large space makes it comfortable to take a longer shower that you’ll very likely need to clean yourself.

One of the most strange amenities to remove are the shower toiletries. I love to take home the small bottles and think about my last time visiting Las Vegas. Well, you can’t do that at The Linq. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are all provided by a dispenser. It’s awkward at first because it’s different but it’s really not all that inconvenient.


The base rooms at The Linq are small but comfortable and functional. If you’re looking for a lush, luxurious hotel room this may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for a budget hotel room with a great location (center strip across from Caesars Palace) this is a perfect hotel to consider. Rates start at well below $100 per night plus resort fee.

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