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Where to Watch “The Big Game” (For Free)

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Las Vegas is unlike any other city during the Big Game. Sure you can watch the game anywhere, but you can’t wager on it just anywhere. No matter which teams people support (or have wagers on) there is a camaraderie with football fans that in unparalleled. The kinship is great and the energy is even greater.

As usual, there are a range of options for football fans looking to watch the big game. Most of the best sports bars in town will be hosting ticketed, all you can eat/drink parties with prices ranging from $100-$300 per person and (believe it or not) a lot of them will sell out quickly. So, if your favorite bar is sold out, or if you are more of a beer and hot dog kind of person, then here are some of our favorite places to watch the big game in Las Vegas for free.

LVH Sports Book & Theater
The LVH SuperBook is one of the most popular sports books in Las Vegas. It’s huge and has a lot of TV’s, but that’s not the main reason that this is one of the best places to watch the big game. The LVH SuperBook offers more types of bet for the Big Game than any other casino in Las Vegas. Prop (or proposition) bets can be made on who scores the first touchdown and so forth. Since there’s only one game on you don’t need a lot of televisions and LVH opens its theater for viewing. Just outside of the theater there is a betting station and snack bar.

Caesars Palace Sports Book
Caesars Palace has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sports books in Las Vegas. It hasn’t been renovated in years so it’s not the destination for sports bettors that it once was. That changes during the Super Bowl because Caesars Palace is one of the most famous casinos in the world. The crowds that this sports book draws for the Big Game can’t be matched because it’s simply the largest space in a popular place. The Caesars Palace sports book is a great place for passers by to peek in on the game since its open to the casino.

Venetian Sports Book
The sports book at the Venetian probably has the nicest TV screens of all the sports books in Las Vegas. The screens are so bright that you can see them well beyond the sports book itself. If you want a seat to watch the Big Game for free you’ll have to show up very early. If you don’t mind standing you’ll have to get to the game before it starts. Since this sports book is closed off to much of the casino you may not be able to find a good viewing angle after the game starts.

South Point Ballroom
The South Point, while technically on the Vegas Strip, is away from most of the action and mostly focused on locals. The sports-book itself is rather large but the TV’s are small and almost unwatchable for the Big Game. With that in mind South Point opens a ballroom and brings in projection TV’s to watch the Big Game. The ballroom is set up like a wedding with large round tables and concession stations. Seating is first come first served and there are betting stations for your convenience. South Point is one of the sports books that will still provide drink tickets for your wagers and you can use them at the cocktail stations.

Other Options
Check out our list of top 10 sports books for other great options. Several hotels typically open up ballrooms/theaters to enjoy the big game at. This year we have read that the Gold Coast, Orleans, Stratosphere, and Golden Nugget (for anybody staying downtown) are all hosting free events. Call the hotels for details. Enjoy the game and Go Packers! (maybe next year…)

Do you have a favorite place to watch the big game at? Join in the discussion and let us know.

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