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Beerhaus vs Beer Park

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It’s a great time to be a beer drinker in Las Vegas. Earlier this year Budweiser Beer Park opened at Paris Las Vegas and more recently Beerhaus opened at The Park, next door to New York-New York. Both venues offer a good place to drink beer on the Vegas Strip, but which do we like best? Let’s take a look at both and see if we can come to a conclusion.

Beer Selection

Beerhaus Beer

The beer selection at Beerhaus is good but it’s not the best on the Vegas Strip. In fact, you’ll find a better selection at The Pub inside Monte Carlo, which is just a few steps away. You’ll find some independently distributed beers, macro craft beers and a few import beers. The options aren’t bad for a bar on the Vegas Strip, in fact, the beer menu may actually be the perfect mix of names people recognize and beer that will satisfy people looking for something different.

Beer Park Bar

Beer Park is presented by Budweiser, but that doesn’t mean that every beer is a Bud. Budweiser owns and distributes a slew of brands including Goose Island, Kona and Alaska Brewing and the menu at Beer Park lists a nice variety of beers. While the beer connoisseur might not be happy with the selection, most beer drinkers visiting Las Vegas will be more than satisfied.


The menu at Beerhaus isn’t large, but the quality of the food more than makes up for that. Beerhaus uses hormone-free meat and locally sourced produce which is a bit higher quality than you might expect from a simple beer hall. The pulled beef brisket sandwich with atomic horseradish slaw packs a punch that finishes nicely with a cold beer.

Beer Park is a bar and grill and they deliver on what you’d expect to see on the menu. Featured products include burgers, hot dogs, fried foods and dishes that feature Budweiser products in their preparation. Some of the food options almost seem too grandiose for a patio deck bar. Most people will probably stick to the basics and not the oven roasted salmon with a Goose Island beer glaze.


Beerhaus Jenga

Both Beerhaus and Beer Park offer games but there are more options available at Beerhaus. When you walk into the restaurant you’ll see a cart with tabletop games like generic connect four and regular sized Jenga that you can bring to your table. There are more traditional bar games like foosball, shuffleboard and cornhole offered inside and outside the restaurant. The tabletop games may not seem like a big deal but they’re a nice option if you just want to have something else to do at your table while waiting for your food and drinks.

Beer Park Patio

Beer Park offers a similar variety of games. They’re a nice addition to the bar deck if you’re looking for something else to do while drinking. The games at Budweiser Beer Park are spread out on the deck, although several of the larger games are confined to an unshaded corner toward the far (north) side of the deck. People playing the games didn’t mind the exposure to the sun on a normal spring afternoon but that may be different in the summer when it’s 110 degrees in the shade. This uncovered area is in direct view of the sun when it sets behind Bellagio.


Every day, from 2pm-6pm, Beerhaus has a Happy Hour where you’ll find beer and some snacks for just $4 each. Snacks are $4 again after 10pm but you’ll have to pay full price for your beer. Beerhaus hosts live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and there were weekly Tap Takeovers by different breweries in April so keep an eye on their events page to see if they have any coming when you plan on visiting.

The standout feature at Budweiser Beer Park is the sweet view of the Vegas Strip. This is an awesome place to sit when the weather is nice.

Prices are on the higher side of what you might expect to pay for such mainstream beer products. Think of the higher price point as an extra fee for that view. In addition to the higher prices, there is also a 4.7% fee tacked on for a “Concession and Franchise Fee.” You can read more about the fees here.


So, which new beer bar on the Vegas Strip is better?

While the Budweiser Beer Park has an unmatched view for beer drinkers on the Vegas Strip, Beerhaus is victorious here. Beerhaus has better beer options, higher quality of food, the ability to sit indoors and better prices. In addition to the slightly lower prices there are excellent Happy Hour deals and no 4.7% fee tacked on to each bill.

Winner: Beerhaus

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