Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

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Black Tap at The Venetian

Black Tap at The Venetian

NYC’s successful craft burgers and beer joint has expended it’s reach to Las Vegas. Housed in the space left by the closure of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s B&B Burger & Beer, Black Tap brings with it a reputation for awesome burgers, CrazyShake milkshakes, and craft beer. We recently stopped by for lunch to see if it was Top10 worthy.

The first thing we noticed about Black Tap is the very bold décor. Lots of neon mixed with bold, black and white designs and urban artwork give the space a slightly trippy, nightclub-ish feel. The second thing we noticed was the incredible milkshakes! CrazyShake may actually be an understatement for these must-be-seen-to-be-believed concoctions. We immediately decided that passing on a CrazyShake would be a crime against humanity, so we skipped the beer menu, passed on appetizers, and ordered two burgers with a shake for dessert.

The Old Fashioned Burger at BlackTap

The Old Fashioned Burger at BlackTap

Mexico City Burger

Mexico City Burger Made With Turky Burger

It’s hard to see the patties on either of these pictures but, trust us, they were fairly substantial in size. Unfortunately the patty on the old fashioned burger was very dry, especially for prime beef. Definitely, a little disappointing. The suprising star of the show was the teriyaki broccoli. If you are tired of fried food, or trying to save room for a shake, the side of teriyaki broccoli is recommended. It’s not often you see people fighting over broccoli at a burger joint, but we could not get enough of it.

CrazyShake Milkshake Bar

The Vegas location is the first with a dedicated CrazyShake Milkshake Bar

Sweet n’ Salty CrazyShake

Sweet n’ Salty CrazyShake

Choosing which CrazyShake to order may be the hardest decision of your day. We polled a couple of servers and settled on the Sweet n’ Salty with a Nutella base as a substitute for the peanut butter base. M&M’s on a chocolate frosted rim with, PB cups, chocolate covered pretzels, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle. How was it you ask? OMG, just look at this thing! I think we found a new number one dessert in Las Vegas. If you love fun desserts, The CrazyShake bar at Black Tap is a gift from the gods, sent to send you into the biggest sugar crash of your life.

Craft Beer at Black Tap

Craft Beer lovers will be happy with the range of beer’s available at Black Tap

Booth at Black Tap

We don’t have a category for Top 10 Booth’s yet. When we do this Booth will make the list!

Overall, Black Tap is a fun place to eat. Even though our burger experience was a little disappointing, we’d definitely give the burgers another try. The CrazyShake’s are out-of-this-world amazing. If dessert is your thing, then Black Tap needs to be on your shortlist of dining options for your next trip to Vegas.

The Venetian Las Vegas, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. (702) 414-2337

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