Rock Your Ass Off at The Westgate Las Vegas

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Edit: Raiding the Rock Vault has closed at the Westgate. The show is scheduled to move to the Tropicana starting November 1st, 2014. Our guess is that the show is still going to rock!. Check this link for news on the move.

Dust off your denim and your devil horns! It’s time to step out of the Rock Vault time capsule to take a musical journey through the evolution of rock and roll! Raiding The Rock Vault, recently voted the #1 Musical by the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas 2014 Reader’s Poll, features an all-star band performing a concert of rock classics dating from the 1960s through the 1980s. These artists are the real deal, not some wannabe cover band, and have graced some of the biggest hair bands on the plant such as Heart, Bad Company, Whitesnake, Survivor, Quiet Riot, Asia, The Offspring, Lita Ford, and more!

John Payne

When a group of scientists, from the year 3012, activate the Rock Vault, the performers emerge from the misty, mysterious time capsule. The audience is introduced to the musicians one by one on the large screens positioned around the stage.

The concert begins in the year 1965 as Andrew Freeman, from The Offspring and Lynch Mob, energetically belts out The Who’s “My Generation” and sets the tone for what is yet to come. Music from The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Deep Purple lead us from DJs and radio stations to VJs and the music television era. The music is interwoven by vignettes portrayed by memorable characters throughout the performance who to help paint the pop cultural back-story to the concert.

You take a journey through the music of Woodstock to big hair and spandex. If you are a fan of music, you will know all of the songs and catch yourself singing along. It is almost certain that there will be some characters in the crowd that may distract you with their big hair and air-pumping fists. In other words, if you really want to dress like the rock god or goddess you once were, nobody would bat an eye. One helpful hint: If you have a camera, the added bonus is you can try to channel your inner rock star photographer and snap a few shots of the musicians while you are at it.

Doug Aldrich

Our favorite highlights of the show include Robin McAuley’s, performance of Free’s “Alright Now”. With the swagger of a rock soldier from beginning to end, this singer, who performed with MSG and Survivor, owns that stage, and can hit the high notes like a pro. Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake and Howard Leese from Bad Company and Heart both have show-stealing guitar solos spread evenly throughout the performance. The AC/DC medley toward the end, frames John Payne’s rugged, gravely voice. He didn’t even need to wear the signature newsboy cap to convince the crowd, otherwise. The show also recently added a female vocalist to the lineup. Carol-Lyn Liddle, from Masters of Rock, brings her crowd-pleasing vocals to songs by Fleetwood Mac, Heart, and some other surprises.

Raiding The Rock Vault also features limited run shows with their Icon Series. In the past, Lou Gramm of Foreigner and Jon Anderson of Yes have both performed in the show. We heard a rumor that Lou Gramm is going to come back for a visit. Even without the extra bonus of the legendary Icon Series performers, this is a must see show for fans of classic rock, and an entertaining night for anybody that isn’t afraid to rock their ass off!

Robin McAuley

Raiding the Rock Vault, (800) 222-5361

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