BurGR by Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay BurGR

Love him or loathe him, there is no denying Gordon Ramsay knows how to run a restaurant. This may not be one of his heralded Michelin rated ventures, but it is a great place to enjoy a juicy burger in the center of the Strip. We love the casual, yet lively, atmosphere and appreciate the price point which offers visitors the opportunity to eat at a celebrity chef restaurant without breaking the bank.

We have dined here multiple times; most recently on a busy Monday afternoon. The wait time for a table was approximately 45 minutes but the restaurant has a convenient check-in system, so a long wait does not have to be a huge inconvenience. Simply browse the shops at Miracle Mile or find a spot to gamble and the hostess will text you when your table is ready.

Here are some photos from our last meal:

Rings & Fries at BURGR

Truffle Parmesan Fries and Beer Battered Onion Rings. As is the case with most gourmet burger joints, fries or rings have to be ordered separately. On a positive note, the both are delicious. Don’t miss out on the truffle aïoli dip!

Innis & Gunn

Scottish beer on tap. I recommend a pint of Innis And Gunn oak aged beer on draft. I’ve been told it’s one of Gordon’s favorites. Cheers!

Hells Kitchen Burger

Britannia Burger

All the burgers at BurGR are grilled over apple & alder wood. During this visit, we tried The Hell’s Kitchen Buger (top) and Britannia Burger. Of the two, I preferred the Hell’s Kitchen Burger. Definitely recommended if you like something with a kick!

Another noteworthy menu item is the Hog Burger which features mangelista pork (the kobe beef of pork). I do not know of any other restaurant in town offering mangelista pork and this is definitely on my list of items to try.

Some of the table spacing is a little tight for our preference. If this is a major concern, you may want to request a booth when you check in (although, unfortunately there aren’t many of them). On the one occasion we weren’t happy with the table we were given, we simply requested to move to a neighboring empty table and it wasn’t a problem. There is also counter space near the kitchen, which may be a good option for solo diners.

Overall, BurGR provides a consistently strong dining experience. It’s definitely in the running for one of the best gourmet burger restaurants in town and a great place to try a celebrity restaurant without blowing your budget. Recommended!

Planet Hollywood, 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd. (702) 785-5555

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