Fix Your Burger Craving at Holstein’s Shakes and Buns

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Reading Marc’s Top 10 Burgers in Las Vegas article left us with a serious burger craving. Even though Holstein’s Shakes and Buns has been a staple at the Cosmopolitan since the opening of the hotel in 2010, we still hadn’t eaten there. It was time to change that!


Situated upstairs and around the corner from The Chandelier Lounge, we were greeted by a friendly hostess and a pink-spotted Holsteins cow statue. We were given the choice of dining at the bar, in the lounge area, or in the main dining area. Since we wanted to sit down and relax for a spell, we chose the dining area. We were shown to our half-booth/half table and as I sat in the plush, over-sized, comfortable leather booth, my eyes were immediately drawn to all the art commissioned by local artist Juan Muniz. His work features a little pig dressed as a cow and it both surrounds and defines this meat-locker chic industrial space. There is so much of it to look at that it nearly distracted me from the main reason why were here to begin with!

The menu features Bamboozled Shakes (shakes with booze), non-alcoholic shakes and malts, a whole variety of goodness you can stuff into a bun, burgers, and sides. We skipped the shakes and appetizers and just got down to business. We did try the complimentary popcorn while we waited. It was spicy and tasty. For our meal, we ordered the Gold Standard Burger and the El Machete Burger.

Holstein's El Machete Burger

Holstein’s El Machete Burger

Holsteins Gold Standard Burger

The Gold Standard Burger at Holsteins

Typically, we share and compare, but this time, that El Machete Burger was mine, all mine. This beef patty topped with fire roasted Anaheim chile, onions, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, onion, and spicy ‘machete’ aioli had met its match! Delivered with a bucket of natural cut French fries, the burger did not stand a chance of coming home, partially eaten, in a doggie bag. No, sir. Every bite was savored and enjoyed from the perfectly toasted bun that gave a little crunch to the spicy aioli and everything in between. The French fries were delicious and the serving was surprisingly large once poured onto the plate. We loved that they didn’t charge extra for them, either, like some other burger joints in town. Burgers and fries go together, after all.

If you are in search of a burger that is just as good as, if not better than, all of the celebrity chef burger joints in town, then check out Holstein’s Shakes and Buns at the hip and happening Cosmopolitan. This lively restaurant is worth visiting; there is something on the menu for everyone.

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 698-7940

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