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Top 10 Souvenir Cups

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Looking for The Best Souvenir Cups in Vegas? This is Where You Find Them...

The Yard
The yard long frozen drink is a staple on the Vegas Strip. You can find this at many different frozen drink shops since it’s not a themed drink cup. Not only does is say look at me but it contains more frozen booze than anyone should have in one drink. This isn’t really a souvenir since you can’t really take it home on an airplane but it’s a badge of honor to walk around Vegas with.

Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower has become one of the most noticeable souvenir drink cups on the Vegas Strip. Yes, it’s a frozen drink in a cup shaped like the Eiffel Tower that you get from Paris Hotel which has a replica Eiffel Tower in front of it. Everyone that sees you drinking from this cup knows where you got it.

The Boot
The souvenir boot drink cup from Coyote Ugly inside New York-New York Casino Hotel says that you’re more country than the other people around you. This may not be the most famous souvenir cups in Las Vegas but it is one of the most recognizable. When you take it home this souvenir cup is not only a memory of New York-New York casino but also fun times at Coyote Ugly.

The Guitar
If you’re more of a rocker than a country person you can get a giant souvenir guitar from Rockhouse at The Venetian. The guitar is more than a souvenir cup, it’s 80 ounces of frozen fun. This drink is so big that you get a neck strap to hold onto it. The guitar is large but still thin enough to pack away when you go home.

The Football
The football souvenir cup is one of the most famous souvenir drink cups in Downtown Vegas. You can fill it with beer or a frozen drink of your choice. When you’re walking around Fremont Street you can expect to see empty football cups flying over your head. If you’re not drinking from the football cup chances are that you’re tossing it around. Football souvenir cups are available at just about anywhere that serves drinks to go downtown. They’re not made for a specific casino so this will serve as an your memorial of a fun night downtown.

Champagne Bottle
The 48 ounce gold champagne bottle drink is one of the newer souvenir drink cups to hit the Vegas Strip. It’s huge and comes with a rope chain so you can hold your bling with no hands. You can find this drink cup at Planet Hollywood. It’s filled with Red Bull and Vodka or your choice of frozen drinks. This thing is so big that you won’t even feel silly drinking out of a champagne bottle from a straw.

Treasure Island has a unique skull souvenir cup. This is simply a cup that’s shaped like a skull. It holds just over two beers but you can also fill it with frozen margarita. The skull is a replica of the skull that you see in the lagoon in front of Treasure Island. These are reusable and travel well. They may not be the most famous souvenir cup from Vegas but there’s something to be said for yelling “I’m drinking out of a skull mug!”.

Paris Balloon
The Paris Balloon souvenir cup is another newcomer to the Las Vegas souvenir cup party. Everyone who walks the Vegas Strip notices the giant Paris Balloon down the street from the Eiffel Tower. While everyone else may stop in the middle of the Vegas Strip for an Eiffel Tower drink you can be a little different with the Paris Balloon. The colors and style of the Paris Balloon cup makes for one of the nicer souvenir cups to bring home from Vegas.

Naked Lady
The D Hotel in Downtown Vegas has a clear souvenir cup in the form of a naked lady. When you fill this drink she takes the color of your beverage. It’s strange to see people drinking out of a giant cup shaped like a woman’s body but it’s certainly an eye catcher. It’s probably not your first frozen souvenir drink if you’re drinking from this cup.

The Bong
Smokers from all over have been gravitating to souvenir drink cups shaped like a bong. Souvenir bong cups are long and aren’t hotel specific but are becoming more popular by the day. If Cheech and Chong were walking under the canopy at Fremont, our guess is that this would be their open container of choice!

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