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She’s Still Got It – Mariah Carey to Return for 9 Shows in February

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The diva hits the Colosseum in February for a nine-show encore performance of Mariah #1 to Infinity, a trip down memory lane of her 18 #1 hits.

Mariah Carey Jet Ski

Photo Credit: Denise Truscello

It was perhaps one of the greatest stage entrances ever – the legendary Mariah Carey blazing in on a sparkly canary yellow jet ski, wearing a gorgeous, glittery leotard that flashed major leg all the way up her thigh. Yup, time for Honey, dahling, just one wow-factor moment of many during her Vegas residency, #1 to Infinity.

Dahling, dahling, dahling… Diva Mariah threw the word around during the entire show, dripping with fabulousness and ad-libbing more than probably any performer I’ve seen at the Colosseum. And that’s saying a lot. The revered home of Celine Dion, Elton John, and Rod Stewart is not where stars go for an overly choreographed show with one throwaway (“hey, Las Vegas, how are we doing?!”) recognition. During a Vegas residency, the audience expects to connect with the star. During the recent Mariah performance I attended, she chattered away, giving her dancers smack for spilling her water and tea, among many other things. It was hilarious – I never knew she had such a huge personality! It’s usually hidden behind her glamorous sheen of performance perfection.

The short residency was supposed to end at the end of July, but she added an encore set for February – buy your tickets now. She’ll be doing nine shows February 2-20. Cross your fingers she’ll add even more performances – you know the Colosseum is trying their best to woo her.

During the show, she performs every single one of her (record-breaking) 18 US No. 1 hits – in chronological order. So yes, she brings the house down with Infinity, her newest crowd-pleaser. Early iconic favorites include Emotions, I Don’t Wanna Cry, and Someday, the originals that showcased her powerhouse vocals from the start. Judging from the crowd’s emotional reaction, Hero is probably the fan favorite for most touching song of the evening. But I have to admit – I have such a soft spot for her Jackson 5 cover I’ll Be There.

Mariah Carey Pink Cadillac

Photo Credit: Denise Truscello

The Colosseum stage is absolutely humongous, so it’s always fun to see how the stars will make use of it. (One favorite was seeing pint-sized Bette Middler be pushed across while lounging on a lips-shaped couch-on-wheels.) So in addition to her divine jet-ski, she also rides around in a pink Cadillac for Dreamlover.

And the gowns! In addition to her couture leotard, she had six other outfits, which ranged from romantic to skin-tight, all flash and plunging necklines, just as we’re used to seeing Mimi.

Personally, I often dread the Vegas-friendly “audience participation” segment of any show – but at Vegas concerts, when everyone’s dying to be chosen, it can be less cringe-worthy. During #1 to Infinity, Mariah chooses one lucky man to be tied up on her bed during Touch My Body – and then she takes Polaroids for the lucky man to take home. “Our” guy didn’t even seem that embarrassed!

The last big razzle-dazzle moment that stands out in my mind is Mariah’s walk through the crowd – with no less than five bodyguards in tow, of course. Belting out Be My Baby in a slinky silver mini-dress with cut-out panels, she does a victory lap, touching fingers and making eye contact. During the night I was there, she just missed waving to a dolled-up Katy Perry, who later met the star backstage.

Mariah Carey Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Denise Truscello

Oh, what a night! On a stage packed with candy-like bright colors, oversized butterflies (of course), spectacular dancers, and amazing props, this is one diva who still demands that you keep all eyes on her.

Mariah #1 to Infinity, 866-320-9763

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