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Top 10 Burgers in Las Vegas

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Where to Find the Best Burgers in Las Vegas!

The gourmet burger trend hit Las Vegas several years ago and, while a few burger joints have come and gone, the trend appears to be stronger than ever with several celebrity chef’s throwing their hat into the scene. It appears that every hotel feels the need to have a restaurant that is focused on making high quality (and high priced) burgers and there are even gourmet burger restaurants for the locals to enjoy spread out around town. Gourmet burgers can also be found where you would least expect them. On this list you’ll see a great burger in a pizza restaurant in Downtown Vegas, great burger restaurants in hotels on the Vegas Strip and another in the ‘burbs at a restaurant with a Jamaican flair.

1. Bachi Burger (Off Strip)
If you are looking for some of the best burgers in town, then head off the Strip and pay a visit to Bachi Burger. Bachi Burger serves up unique Asian influenced burgers using high quality meats and fresh ingredients. Some burgers come with Waygu beef, others have Angus, and some even have pork mixed in. Foie Gras, Asian Peaches, Miso Butter and Mizuna Lettuce are just a few unique toppings that will take your burger palette somewhere you never imagined it would go.

470 E. Windmill Ln., (702) 242-2244 or 9410 W. Sahara Ave. #150, (702) 255-3055

2. BLT (The Mirage)

BLT Burger Dining Room

Photo Credit: MGM Resorts

BLT Burger at The Mirage is simply a consistently a great burger joint at a great hotel. There are many different options when you look at the menu but BLT does one thing great. They always make a great burger. There’s nothing fancy here. Just great beef, fresh vegetables and perfect preparation. If you’re craving a burger on the Vegas Strip this is one of your best options.

3400 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 792-7888

3. Pizza Rock (Downtown Vegas)

Pizza Rock Burger

The burgers at Pizza Rock are hidden on the back of the menu. It makes sense since this is a pizza restaurant. Each of the three burgers on the menu is made with Kobe beef and topped with fresh ingredients in combinations you probably haven’t seen before. The Burrata Burger is topped with Burrata Cheese, Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Arugula and a Balsamic Reduction. The flavors are reminiscent of a traditional bacon cheeseburger but the combination of ingredients brings the burger to a different level. This is one of, if not the, best burgers in Downtown Las Vegas.

201 N 3rd St, (702) 385-0838

4. Fleming’s (Off Strip)
You probably know Fleming’s as the fancy chain restaurant steakhouse advertised in airplane magazines. The steak might be good but knowing about the burger is kind of like being in a secret society. You’ll want to dine at the bar during Happy Hour where you can get the Prime Burger and fresh cut French fries for just $7. This is an amazing price for a steakhouse quality burger that would normally cost more than twice this amount. Not only is this a great burger but it’s one of the best deals in Vegas. You can find Fleming’s in Town Square near Mandalay Bay (take a cab) and in Summerlin near Red Rock Resort.

6515 South Las Vegas Blvd., (702) 407-0019 or 8721 West Charleston Blvd, (702) 838-4774

5. Holsteins (Cosmopolitan)

Holsteins Gold Standard Burger

Holsteins Shakes and Buns is a restaurant focused on delicious ice cream shakes (some boozy) and anything you can fit into a bun. Good seasoned beef and interesting topping combinations go a long way here. The Gold Standard is a Dry Aged Beef Sirloin Burger With Smoked Bacon, Aged Goat Cheddar Cheese, Tomato Confit, Baby Arugula & Garlic-Chive Aioli. It’s one of the more expensive burgers on the menu at $18.50 but worth every penny. Holsteins is operated by Block 16 Hospitality who also operate Public House at The Venetian, where you’ll find similar tasting beef burgers with different toppings.

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 698-7940

6. Stripburger (Fashion Show Mall)
Stripburger is a hidden gem of a burger restaurant on the Vegas Strip. It’s in the Fashion Show Mall with patio seating right across the street from Wynn Las Vegas. This is a no frills burger joint. There are plenty of topping options and specialty burgers, but a basic bacon cheeseburger here will cost you under $11. The highlight of eating at Stripburger is the ability to sit outside in the beautiful Las Vegas weather. You can’t overrate how great dining and drinking outside is on the Vegas Strip.

3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 737-8747

7. DW Bistro (Off Strip)
DW Bistro may be way out in the southwest Las Vegas suburbs but, if you want to add a little spice to your burger, it’s worth the trip. The cuisine is a unique mix of influences from Jamaica and New Mexico. You can’t go wrong with the New Mexican Style Green Chili cheeseburger with jack cheese, jalapeño bacon, heirloom tomato and fresh green chilli peppers. The real win here is when you substitute the jerk turkey burger for the beef burger. It’s a taste explosion like you’ve never had. 6115 S Fort Apache Rd, (702) 527-5200

8. Bobby’s Burger Palace (Mandarin Oriental)

New Mexico Burger at Bobby's Burger Palace

Bobby’s Burger Palace is the quick serve gourmet burger chain from celebrity chef Bobby Flay. This may be one of the newest gourmet burger restaurants on the strip, but it has quickly become one of the favorites of burger lovers. Sure you can get Bobby’s Burger Palace in other cities but you can’t get one outside a five star hotel with views of the Vegas Strip. Unlike some other burgers on this list you can have a gourmet burger from Bobby’s for under $10. That’s not too shabby for the Vegas Strip. Favorite burgers here are the brunch burger (fried egg, smoked bacon & American cheese) and any burger “crunchified” (topped with potato chips).

3750 South Las Vegas Blvd., (702) 598-0191

9. STK (Cosmopolitan)
STK isn’t a burger restaurant. It’s a modern steakhouse with a sexy twist. The cool people come here to eat expensive steaks while listening to a DJ pump up the jams before heading out for a night on the town. The burger eater’s sidle up to the bar and order a beer and order of delicious ‘lil burgers. These mini-burgers and not traditional sliders like you’ll find at White Castle. The small burgers are made with Waygu beef and topped with a special burger sauce and tomato. Simple, small, delicious burgers. Hook that up.

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 698-7990

10. Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay)
Burger Bar was one of the first burger specific restaurants in Las Vegas. Before great burgers were all over Las Vegas this was the place to go. It may not be the trendy hot spot it once was, but the burgers are still among the best in Las Vegas. You’ll almost always find a wait if you just walk in off the street and the beer selection is one of the best in town.

3930 S Las Vegas Blvd #121A, (702) 632-9364

What do you think of Marc’s list? Do you agree with his picks or did he miss your favorite Burger joint in town? Leave a comment and let us know!

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