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Slot Machines That Caught Our Eye at G2E 2014

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The Global Gaming Expo (aka G2E) is a yearly gathering for the casino business. Casino operators have seminars to discuss the state of the business while buyers for casino companies roam the massive expo floor in search of new products to use in their casinos. The products that take up the most space on the expo floor are the slot machines. They occupy almost half of the entire display area at G2E. Many of these slot machines will see casino floors in Las Vegas shortly. Here is a quick look at the slot machines that I think will be amongst the most popular.

Mad Men and Monopoly Slot Machines from WMS Gaming.

Monopoly slot machine

Monopoly slot machine with a stunning curved screen.

WMS Gaming debuted a slew of new slot machines, including Gremlins and The Flintstones, but I think that the new technology used for the Mad Men (and the new versions of Lord of the Rings and Monopoly slot machines) will help set them apart from the rest. The multi-curved LCD screens used on these slot machines are on the cutting edge of television display technology.

Mad Men may offer the broadest appeal of all of the themed slot machines on display at G2E this year. The theme appeals to both younger and older slot machine players. The technology is different enough to be cool, but not so different that it will scare away older players. Hit up the cocktail waitress for your drink of choice (an Old Fashioned, maybe) and enjoy.

Big Bang Theory Slot Machine from Aristocrat.

Big Bang Theory Slot MachineI’ve been watching Big Bang Theory since the first episode and never realized that it was so popular until recently. This slot machine from Aristocrat employs Wonder Wheel technology that you’ve seen in casinos in the past year. The Wonder Wheel technology is cool, but you’ve seen it before. The Big Bang Theory slot machine should succeed simply because the TV show is so popular. That’s no Bazinga.

A slot machine for the movie Ted also debuted at G2E, employing the same cabinet and Wonder Wheels setup as Big Bang Theory. All of the games look fun to play, so look our for them on the casino floor soon.

Friends Slot Machine from Bally Technologies.

Friends Slot MachineWhen I first found out that there would be a Friends slot machine debuting at G2E, I immediately shared the information on twitter. Response was overwhelming and almost 100% positive.

The Friends slot machine tugs on the emotions of anyone that grew up in the 90’s. After all, Friends was one of the most popular shows of the 90’s and many people have memories that are tied to the show. The gameplay isn’t anything particularly new but the imagery, on gorgeous screens, from one of the most popular TV shows in history, makes an impact so these machines should definitely be a hit on the casino floor.

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