Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse: Bringing A Taste Of The Motor City To Sin City

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Detroit export Andiamo Italian Steakhouse has been making a lot of noise since it opened at the D Las Vegas. With 9 locations around Metro Detroit, the restaurant is no stranger to awards. This trend continues here in Sin City, with the Las Vegas location claiming’s Reader’s Choice award for the 2014 Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas. Although the Las Vegas location opened in February of 2013, we had yet to check it out. So, when it was time for one of our staffers to blow out the birthday candles, we figured it was high time to pay a visit to see what all the fuss was about.

Joe Vicaris Andiamo

We were greeted by a friendly hostess along with, to our surprise, a gentleman that looked strangely familiar. Being the reality TV geeks we are, we quickly recognized him as Jon Misch, a current contestant on Survivor! Jon, a fellow Michigan native, is the General Manager of Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse and he graciously walked us to our table whilst chatting about the reality TV show. Just for your information, he gave away no spoilers, but did mention that we were some of the first folks to recognize him, which made us feel pretty important. Our server, also from Michigan, was down to earth and suggested dishes from the menu that were his favorites along with the specials not listed on the menu. Since we already scoped out the menu before even leaving home, we knew what we wanted to try so we stuck with the initial plan and ordered the Andiamo grande meatball and grilled portabella mushrooms with char-grilled beef tenderloin tips for our appetizer selection, the chopped salad, bone-in rib eye, olive oil grilled asparagus with cipollini onions and Tuscan roasted potatoes with onions for sides, and orrecchtte barese. Mamma Mia! We were ready to feast!

A fresh selection of homemade bread, breadsticks, and crackers were immediately delivered with a delicious and savory tapenade of eggplant and garlic. We had to really exude some self-control because it was so tasty, yet we knew there was a heap of food yet to come.

The grande meatball was, indeed, name-worthy; it was about as big as a baseball and was topped with a cap of fresh, creamy ricotta.

The grande meatball at Andiamo Las Vegas

The sauce was subtle and did not overpower the dish. As fans of homemade tomato sauce, our only complaint was that there was not enough of it for the size of the meatball. After all, is there really such a thing as too much of a good thing?

The portabella mushrooms with char-grilled beef tenderloin tips were mouth melting. The Andiamo Signature Zip Sauce served with it truly complimented the dish and added an extra layer of butteriness without drowning out the flavor of the meat and the mushrooms. In all honesty, we could have ordered the appetizers with salad and called it a meal.

Luckily we didn’t. The bone-in rib eye was one of the best steaks we have ever eaten.

Bone-in Ribe Eye at  Andiamo Las Vegas

Tender, juicy, and with just the right amount of char, the steak was grilled to perfection. The sides were tasty, too. Out of the two we ordered, the asparagus was the clear winner. After all, we are fans of grilled vegetables and when you drizzle balsamic over the top, you just can’t go wrong.

The pasta, you ask? Outstanding.

Orrecchtte Barese Andiamo

Their pasta is made fresh daily, and it was cooked to perfection. We only took a few bites before requesting it to be boxed up to enjoy for dinner the next day. The next time we go, we’ll skip the salads and save some room for dessert!

Our dining experience at Andiamo Steakhouse was one we will truly remember forever from beginning to end. The best thing about it, besides the food, is that the atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and not at all stuffy and starchy. Even though you are dining at a high-end steakhouse, you feel like you are at Uncle Joey’s for dinner. This place is great for special occasions or even just a nice meal out on the town. If you are looking for a cozy, semi-private dining experience, make a reservation and request a booth. This will be one of our new go-to steakhouses for special occasions and for impressing out of town guests. Delizioso!

301 Fremont St, (702) 388-2220

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