Taking a Bite Out of B&B Burger and Beer

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Update: Batali is out at The Venetian and B&B Burger has closed. NYC’s Black Tap Craft Burger and Beer has taken over the space.

Gourmet burger restaurants seem to be popping up everywhere around town. So, when we heard about Mario’s Batali and restauranteur/partner Joe Bastianich’s B&B Burger and Beer at The Venetian, we had to try it! The no-nonsense menu features snacks, salads, shakes, burgers, hero sandwiches, sides and a hand-selected assortment of beers and wine to compliment the burgers. The burgers range in price from $9 to $16 and are created from the same beef Batali uses at his award-winning Carnevino steakhouse. B&B Burger and Beer’s interior is as colorful as Batali’s signature orange kitchen clogs and has a casual, coffee shop type of atmosphere while still maintaining a high standard of service.

The Bottom Burner

We enjoyed the The Really Good Burger and The Bottom Burner Burger with fries, cabbage slaw, and S&P Chips (Salt and Pepper handmade potato chips). We also asked for garlic aioli, ketchup, and jalapeno pesto to use as dipping sauces. Can I just say that the garlic aioli was mouth watering? I would have used my finger to clean out the little ramekin as not to waste any had I been alone. The marvelous thing about the burger was that it was juicy without falling to bits and the bun withstood all of the delicious toppings without falling apart. Our biggest complaint we’d like to air is the trend of gourmet burger restaurants charging for sides. Do they really need to charge $5-$7 for a side when you are already paying up to $16 for a burger alone? This is a thought to ponder.

If you are on the go and want to grab a burger in a jiffy, simply step up to the to To Go window. You can sit at the counter and still enjoy the full menu when you are in a rush or paying a visit to the nearby sports-book. Seriously, though, if you are going to go all out and enjoy a gourmet burger, sit down and truly enjoy it! We certainly did!

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